Smart Construction Site

Smart Construction SiteSmart construction site is the concrete embodiment of the concept of "Internet +" in the field of construction engineering and the cornerstone of realizing "smart city". It should be based on the construction site management integration of the new mode, make full use of the mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, such as a new generation of information technology, real-time monitoring of production progress, the key to the construction site equipment, personnel management, green civilization construction (four a bartender) dynamic information, such as changing the traditional cooperated-builing parties to site management to the construction site of interaction, work mode and management mode, and on the basis of this information by big data processing technology, auxiliary construction management, promote safer, more efficient and more lean construction site construction management.

Smart Solution for Construction Site

create the best products and services based on talents and technology
Lift Security Solution
Fingerprint identification, alarm limit, network monitoring
Dust Monitoring Solution
Eight indicators are interconnected and tracked by big data
Crane Monitoring Solution
Automatic tracking zoom, the scene is clearly visible
Tower Crane security Solution
Sound and light alarm, accident prevention in advance

About us

Xiamen Etowang Information Technology co., LTD was founded in 2014, is a collaboration of development, production, sales and service high-tech enterprise. The company focuses on smart construction site, construction safety, construction machinery industry informatization, internet operation and industry big data security services. Our main products include "smart site" cloud platform, tower crane safety monitoring system, tower crane video tracing system, dust monitoring system and site lift safety monitoring system.

Over the years, the company has been deeply involved in the field of "Internet +" of the construction industry, and has carried out fruitful work in operation and management, quality control, facility improvement, team training and cultural construction. At present, the company has a vibrant technical team, a number of utility patent certificates, with a strong technical force.

The company will be in line with the spirit of practical and professional efforts, innovation, to the competent departments, enterprises, industry to provide the most professional products and services, to promote the industry and make due contributions to production safety.